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  •  iHealth Innovation Technology Corporation (IITC)

    iHealth Innovative Tech Corp (IITC) is a leading next-generation American-based enterprise specializing in nutritional health and wellness.
    With a strong dedicated scientific and development team, iHealth is at the industry forefront with its innovative product lines that promote personal wellness and beauty.
    The company has rapidly expanded around the world with a very large international customer base.
    The goal of establishing IITC is to use the latest and most advanced scientific research results, formulas, and production technologies in the world today to develop the iHealth product series.
    Thus, entering the
    Longevity Industry”
    “Age-Reversal Industry”
    “Wellness Industry”
    We strive to be innovative and be the leader in setting the market trends of Longevity,
    Wellness, and Age-defying industries!
    Breakaway from the past and embrace the future!
    iHealth Innovative Tech Corp (IITC)
    has now expanded to 50 countries,
    and the NMN produced is the only NMN in the world that has obtained
    Ten Major Certifications
    Unparalleled in the world
    Embrace the future!
    Introduction to iHealth Innovation Technology Corporation (IITC) NMN is the excellent NMN products

    iHealth Innovation Tech Corp new product launch!

    NMN Multi-Essential Drink

    The world's first pharmaceutical-grade NMN combined with multiple vitamins and minerals,

    Contains various micronutrients and NMN needed for daily life,

    Let us nourish our lives with one pill every day! It is the source of a healthy life!

    iHealth Innovation Tech Corp launched the new product - NMN Multi-Essential Drink
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    Changes After Taking NMN

    NMN is the most powerful anti-aging product (discovery) that counts billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as beneficiaries of its amazing anti-aging properties.

    Just look at the before and after photographs of these informed billionaires.

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    Changes After Taking NMN

    Dr. David Sinclair, an internationally acclaimed genetic professor at the Harvard Medical School, first discovered resveratrol as an anti-aging agent and subsequently NMN (Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide), another anti-aging agent but more effective in reversing aging cells in our bodies. He started taking 1000mg of NMN daily in 2013. When he was interviewed in 2022, as shown in the before and after photographs, his physical appearance looks significantly younger than in 2013.

    Click on the link below to view his presentation at the 2013 TEDxSydney:



    NMN, NR, Resveratrol, Metformin & Other Longevity Molecules

    Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair #4 (2022):


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    The discoverer of NMN

    NMN(Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide) is the molecule that has been scientifically proven to reverse age and prolong life.


    Prof. David Sinclair, a genetic professor

    in Harvard Medical School, and

    the discoverer of resveratrol and NMN

    (Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide)


    Prof. David Sinclair was voted as the

    Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People,

    Time Magazine's Top 50 Health Care People,

    NASA iTech Award Two-Time Winner

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    NMN and NAD+

    NMN is the precursor of NAD+.

    NAD+, also known as Coenzyme I, exists in every cell of the human body.

    It is an indispensable component of our enzyme proteins in the body.

    It leads hundreds of life activities in our body and participates in

    energy production, metabolism, glycolysis,

    DNA replication, and other life-sustaining activities.


    NMN when taken orally, is converted into NAD+ in our cells which is essential to sustain life.

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    NAD+ and Aging

    We are born with abundant NAD+ in our cells. However, the amount of NAD+ in our cells decreases as we age.

    NMN is a pre-cursor required by our body to replenish the NAD+ within our cells.

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    Scientific Research Results

    Several laboratories of top scientific research institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Washington have published papers on the anti-aging effects of NMN


    Research results have been published in top academic journals such as "Science", "Nature" and "Cell" since 2016, unanimously showing that NMN has amazing anti-aging effects


    NMN has been proven to activate 7 longevity proteins (Sirtuins) and DNA repair enzymes (PARP)



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    Efficacy of NMN

    Raising the level of NAD+ in the body through ingesting NMN, activates the Sirtuins and DNA repair enzymes (PARP). It has been scientifically proven in a wide range of studies that symptoms associated with aging could be delayed or even reversed. Ingesting NMN could help with:-

    1. Obesity

    2. Liver Disease

    3. Cardiovascular Disease

    4. Kidney Disease

    5. Skeletal Muscle

    6. Type 2 Diabetes

    7. Optic Nerve and Hearing Nerve

    8. Neuro Degenerative Disease

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  • Major highlights of iHealth NMN

    iHealth's NMN is one of the products in the world that has obtained 11 major certifications.


    PDR and FDA Certificate of Free Sale, which means our products are affirmed at the highest possible level in the United States.


    cGMP is the highest certification that a pharmaceutical factory could possibly attain.


    The vegetarian logo and halal certification represent our products are vegan certified and conform to Islamic religious values.


    The four certifications of UL, HACCP, NSF, and MSDS attest to our products' safety


    The nine major certifications represent the safety and effectiveness of iHealth's NMN as the best in class.

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  • iHealth Products

    iHealth's products consist of a Nutritional Supplement range and a Medical-Grade Skin Care range


    Click here to purchase products

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