NMN is called the "elixir of immortality" by scientists in the 21st century

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NMN is called the "elixir of immortality" by scientists in the 21st century

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In 2013 by Prof. David Sinclair of Harvard University, the laboratory initially discovered the results in the field of anti-aging.

Dr. David Sinclair said.  


"The newest top-of-the-line technology I've developed is right here with you.

It's about to change the world.

Not only can you take care of your family.

It's going to change the economy of the world.

Because everyone will live longer and healthier.

Everyone will live a better quality of life


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💧 NMN is Harvard University's proudest scientific achievement, which activates seven longevity genes (Sirtuins) 🧬!


❣ iHealth NMN is the only product that has received nine authoritative certifications from the U.S. These nine certifications are


1. PDR (Physician'sDeskReference)

2.  cGMP (U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices certification)

3.  UL (US Underwriters Laboratories certification)

4. HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification

5. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation certification)

6. HALAL (halal certification)

7. VEGETARIAN (Vegetarian Mark Certification)

8. FDA Certificate of Free Sale

9. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


🔸 Pharmaceutical factory size cGMP, strict compliance with FDA standard plant production

🔹Entered into the PDR (Physician'sDeskReference)

🔸Obtained MSDS, which means that the PH value, reactivity, and other important indicators of the raw materials of NMN are completely safe for the health of users, such as carcinogenic, teratogenic, etc.!


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✅ There is no other NMN product in the world market that has so many authoritative certifications!

✅ Nine authoritative certifications are the strong guarantee of product safety, quality, and effectiveness


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