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Published: 2:20 p.m. PST May 7, 2020 | Updated: 11:05 a.m. PST Oct 13, 2021

NMN has been shown to boost levels of an essential molecule with crucial roles in over 400 metabolic reactions called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Falling NAD+ levels with age have been linked to age-related conditions in animals like mice and rats and even humans, but increasing NAD+ with NMN improves these ailments.

Age-related NAD+ level reductions have been linked to a plethora of age-related human diseases, and some studies provide evidence that increasing NAD+ combats these conditions. For example, one study has shown that NMN supplementation increases muscle function in aged men while another indicates that it increases insulin sensitivity in older women.

NMN studies from institutes like Harvard University and Washington University have shown that supplementing with the molecule or enhancing NMN synthesis promotes longevity and health during aging in rodents. Sinclair and colleagues found that when aged mice drank NMN-infused water, their running endurance almost doubled. Further studies have demonstrated that injecting mice with NMN preserves cognition during aging. Moreover, a study from Imai and colleagues indicates that an upsurge in NMN synthesis more than doubles the remaining lifespan of mice.

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(Das et al., 2018 | Cell) NMN substantially enhances running endurance in aged mice. Aged mice (20 months old) given 400 mg/kg/day of NMN in drinking water displayed significantly extended running times before they stopped running from exhaustion.

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(Tarantini et al., 2019 | Redox Biology) NMN provides neuroprotective benefits to preserve cognition in aged mice. The heatmap showing the paths that mice took to escape from a water maze indicates that aged mice made more errors than young mice but that taking NMN ameliorated these mistakes. The graph to the right shows aged mice made significantly more memory errors than young mice in the water maze but that NMN rescued aged mouse memory. These findings support that NMN enhances cognition during aging.

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(Yoshida et al., 2019 | Cell Metabolism) Injecting mice with an enzyme that drives NMN synthesis more than doubles the remaining lifespan of female mice. Injecting female mice with vesicles containing the NMN synthesis enzyme nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) more than doubles their remaining lifespan (Figure J). The upsurge in NMN synthesis also improves overall fitness as seen by the health of the mice’s fur coat (top mouse injected with vesicles containing NAMPT in Figure K).

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(Hong et al., 2021 | Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology) NMN ameliorates a number of age-related diseases by increasing NAD+ levels. NMN’s health-related benefits extend to tissues ranging from the heart to the eye to the brain.

Taking NMN may provide a promising means to combat age-related diseases and ailments. Below is a summary of major studies elucidating the potential benefits of NMN.


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